Why People Are Playing Fresh WOTLK Classic Servers? Complete List Of The New Servers Confirmed.

Why People Play Fresh WOTLK Classic Servers

What is up guys is Solheim here back with another Wrath of the Lich King classic video, so the wrath pre purchase pretty much right around the corner. And with the pre patch we are also getting fresh servings aka service where everyone has to start at level one, and there are no transfers available for at least 90 days. Blizzard have also said that they might even not even open up transfers after the 90 day mark. It all depends on the health of the servers. So I’ve already stated that I will be playing on these fresh Service. I’ve been wanting fresh service ever since before TBC classic came out as I wanted fresh service with TCP patch. So now that we are finally getting them, I will definitely be playing on them. After seeing that in a video or two I see received multiple comments about why I bother starting fresh.

And a lot of people seem to not understand why anyone would even want to start fresh. So in this video video, I will be talking about why I’m playing on these fresh wrath servers. Let’s go. First off the leveling experience. Personally, I love leveling. And I know people have mixed opinions on this. Some people love leveling, some people hate leveling, and some people are just bored of leveling territories, because they’ve done that a lot in classic WoW over the last couple of years. That being said, this video is based on my own subjective opinions and why I’m choosing to play on these surveys. And the living experience is a huge part of it for me, I know I can just start a new character or no current service, but the fresh service will be filled with people will start at level one, you can find groups left right and center. And overall it is just a completely different experience.

Complete list of Fresh WOTLK Classic Servers. Were They Really Confirmed?

Fresh North America / US WOTLK Classic Servers: 

There’s also many other reasons that I will cover later in this video that also ties into the leveling experience. For example, a fresh economy makes all of the gold you earn while leveling more important, a even playing field aka everyone starting at level one makes it much more fair on PvP service as you don’t have to risk getting ganked by level 70 road with work lanes. And basically all of the reasons somehow tie into each other and there’s a crossover for everything. While we’re talking about the leveling experience. I also want to shout out wrested XP, which is the absolutely best leveling adomet specific leveling guides for Wrath of the Lich King, which you can check out through the link down below in the video description. If you’re planning to start fresh having a leveling Adam makes the leveling experience so much faster and smoother and rested XP really makes you level faster.

Fresh European EU WOTLK Classic Servers: 

Yeah, if I will also say that I’ve missed leveling up without mage boosting and Paladin boosting. And since Blizzard recently made some very very hefty nerfs to both of those rendering, both mage boosting and Paladin boosting essentially useless. I am actually really looking forward to this leveling and venturi. Another thing is that these fresh servers come with a wrath pre patch, which also makes it that comes with all of the wrath class changes, making certain classes a lot easier to level up, and more fun to play in general, which will make the leveling into adventure more enjoyable. Next up a fresh economy. I love gold farming and the gold making and having a fresh economy is an incredible opportunity for gold making. I know server transfers will eventually open up and people will transfer over with lots of gold, and it will all even out eventually.

But until then you can make so many investments incredibly fast and make a bunch of gold. I’ve already made an entire video on how to make insane gold on these fresh surveys. And I also have a gold going for Wrath of the Lich King classic, which includes a fresh server guide as well. So you can make a bunch of gold regardless of what server types that you play on. And you can check out that gold guide through the link in the video description as well. Basically though, the gold you get from questing simply matters so much more. And if you dungeon level from level 58 to level 70, you can go back and do quests at level 70. For a lot of raw gold. And with a fresh economy, the purchasing power of that raw gold is so incredibly high by investing into the right items. For example, let’s say you invest into golden pearls for one gold each.

These are currently seven gold each on our current surveys, but on fresh service, they will be higher in supply, lower in demand under gold will have more purchasing power. So if you buy something like that, then you can easily get a 700% return on your investments. If you hold on to the right items until the transfer is open up. Personally, I would invest all of my leftover gold into herbs and ores as soon as possible and sell it a week or two before rush release as people will mostly focus on leveling in the beginning. But once they start skilling up their professions, specifically crafting professions, the price of those materials will skyrocket through the roof. I also know a lot of people are saying bots will mess up the market anyway. So why even care about the fresh realm? But personally I think That is just such a defeatist attitude, only looking at problems instead of looking at the positive signs.

And personally, I would much rather play on a fresh survey, where botting might be a problem than play on our current surveys that have been bought infested for two to three years now, and have caused severe damage to the economy itself. The Fresh Start service also provides me a person who has not done a lot of reading and TVC classic, with a chance to enter in Northrend with the same year as everyone else, if I was to continue on our current service, there is no way for me to even be one of the earliest level atheists on the survey. Because having reading and writing here is honestly a pretty huge boost for the leveling speed.

Especially if you’re running around in filibusters last year, from Sandwell on these fresh servers, a lot less people will have full versus last to sunwell year hardly anyone will have any Sandwell gear at all to be honest. So there’s a much higher chance for me to actually be one of the realest level that is on the survey, which is very important for gold making in Wrath itself. So these fresh surveys actually provide me with a unique gold making opportunity during the pre patch. And also in Wrath itself. The fresh service also just gives us a something some additional content to doom before Wrath of the Lich King classic actually launches. And to be honest, I am just so hyped for both of these Freshservice and wrath classic itself, that is going to be a great experience all through. I think the TBC classic content has gotten kind of stale recently, the GD K P method really burnt me out. And while these first service technically don’t offer any new content per se, it is just fun to do something a little bit different for one as for wrath itself, I plan to both level of my characters on the first service, as well as the current progressive service.

And which server I’ll start with kind of depends a little bit on how much I’m able to do on the pre patch or on the free refresher service before actually comes out as we don’t have all the time in the world. And there’s quite a bit that needs to be done. You need to level up from level one to 70 you need to scale up your desired professions. Try to obtain some guarantees from dailies to obtain raw gold, maybe start working on a second character, which could for example, be a deathmatch, so you started level 55 And then you also want to start doing some rough preparations as well. So how much I’m able to do it in that timeframe really depends on how much time I can actually play the game, as well as how long the pre party itself will last for and how quickly I can level up. I also want to run a little social experiment here so please let me know down below in the comment section.

Whether you will mainly play on the fresh wrath surveys or if you will mainly play on the current progressive TBC servers. I would love to see what type of server most of you guys will play on. That is pretty much it for today though. Just a quick video going over my thoughts on why I’m going to be playing on these fresh surface. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the video. And if you did, make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more content. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

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